Blooming tea info

Blooming Tea steeping instructions:theebloemen categorie

Put the flower in a glass tea pot and add water that just isn’t boiling anymore. Wait 5-10 minutes (it depends on the size of the pot) en enjoy the lovely tea! One blooming tea ball can be used for approx. 2 litres of tea.

Pour more water if you want to have some more. The flower should always be under water, to prevent oxidation. In that way you can enjoy the tea up to two hours and take care of the intensity of the flavour.

Main benefits of the used flowers according to Chinese medicine, based on the principle that food and beverage can be nutritious as well as healing.

  • Globe amaranth (lat. Gomphrena Globosa): relaxes and cleanses
  • Lavender (lat. Lavandula spica L.): relaxes and cleanses
  • Globe flower (Trollius chinensis bung): alleviates the upper bronchial tubes
  • Carnation (lat. Dianthus Caryophyllus): calms
  • Chrysanthemum (lat. Chrysanthemum Morifolium): cleanses
  • Marigold (lat. Calendula Officinalis): reinforces the liver function
  • Daylily (lat. Hemerocallis fulva): calms
  • Tea olive (lat. Osmanthus fragrans): reinforces the nerve system
  • Jasmine (lat. Jasminum officinalis L.): reinforces discernment

The Latin names are also mentioned with the product descriptions, so you can find more information on the features of the flowers on the internet.