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In 1598 the Dutch explorer Jan Huygen discovered that Singpho and Khamti people used the leaves of the tree Assam as vegetables, prepared with oil and garlic. They also used the leaves to make something like tea. In the 19th century the British studied the possibility of producing tea in their colony India, the prices of Chinese tea were increasing very much, and they decided to use the seeds from China, the Darjeeling originated (clonal leaf). The traditional tea in India, chai is made from black tea with spices, sugar and milk, each village has its own recipe. In India the harves takes place four times a year, spring, summer, monsoon (July, August) and autumn.

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  1. Gopaldhara Darjeeling Moondrops

    white tea, oolong tea--> INDIA
    Creamy, Fruity, Spicy
  2. Rohini Jethi Kupi Early FF White Darjeeling 2021

    white tea--> INDIA
    Exotic Flowers, Green, Sweet corn
  3. Assam Whole Leaf

    black (red) tea--> INDIA
    Fruity, Malty, Woodsy
  4. Earl Grey BIO

    black (red) tea, Tea +--> INDIA
    Fruity, Harsh, Citrus
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