Sisline tea, Bush tea

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Sisline tea, locals call it Bush tea. Lippia multiflora Moldenke, collected from the wild, from West Africa

Sisline thee, Bush Tea (lat. Lippia Multiflora Moldenke fam. VERBENACEAE) Sisline is a pure natural tea a beneficial plant from West Africa. sisline thee bush tea The tea smells delicious spicy (thyme-like) and fresh, the tea has a slightly spicy and eucalyptus flavor, healthy taste especially. In Africa they call Sisline the "healer herb" sisline in het veld NOTE: Because of the large whole leaves of this tea an envelope can contain only 50, because we do not crush or break :-) If you buy 100 grams or more select when checking out the parcel option. Brewing guide: use 3 whole leaves for a litre hot water (85 degrees Celcius)

More Information
Tea Typeherbal tea.
LOTLot 100321hot128
Brewing westernHerbal infusion: Use 2 grams of herbs per cup (200ml) and brew cool, around 90°C, allow to steep for 2-3 minutes and infuse at least 3 times.
Shelf lifeStore this product cool, dark, dry and airtight; after a year the fresh taste develops into a more mellow taste.
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