Venus Blooming Tea

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Venus Blooming Tea


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Venus Blooming Tea. Silver needle green tea from Fujian, China with Globe Amarant (Lat. Gomphrena Globosa), Chrysanthemum (Lat. Chrysanthemum Morifolium) and Jasmine flowers.

This tea flowers, flowering teas are a wonderful reward for any high tea party! Children are delighted with the mild natural flavour, a relief for them! The tea flowers are handmade; the art of drying and placing on the form is a complex and patient work. The edible flowers which are used in art pieces are Jasmine, Ball Amaranth, Day lily, marigold, carnation, osmanthus flower, chrysanthemum and lavender. All our blooming teas are individually packaged, hermetically sealed and labelled: Without artificial additives and accounted for approximately 2 litres of tea! Our blooming tea is handmade from top quality green tea silver needle, tied together with a flower in the centre. The ball unfolds with water to a beautiful bouquet of tea. Very romantic and tasteful.

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