Pomerans (marmelade orange) BIO

Pomerans (marmelade orange) BIO


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Marmelade orange BIO, dried pieces of peel from controlled organic agriculture from Paraguay (non EU). The sour orange (Citrus aurantium), also called bitter orange or (especially in Suriname) called sour orange, is a plant of the rue family (Rutaceae) which looks like the sweet orange, but the flavor of the fruit is very different. The sour orange fruit is round with a diameter of about 7.5 cm, but it is slightly flattened at both ends. The aromatic rind is orange or reddish orange and rough. The flesh is bitter. The fruit of the bitter orange is used for marmalade, beverages (including liquor, such as bitter orange) and confectioneries. From the blossom, an essential oil and a absolue won to be used as fragrance or flavor in perfume and, for example, cola. The essential oil is called neroli or neroli-oil. The peel of the bitter orange, Curacao Hulls called, are among others used in the brewing of wheat beer and other Belgian beers.

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