White tea

White tea is made from young tea buds, high quality white tea is picked in early spring, the tea is dried in the sun or sometimes fried. White tea is the least processed tea and creates a sweet, light, delicate flavor. We offer a wide range of white teas, they come from China, India, Nepal, Taiwan and Kenya.

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  1. Gu Shu Bai Lu Cake 200 gram

    white tea--> CHINA
    Creamy, Grassy, Spicy, Sweet corn, Woodsy
  2. Satemwa White Needles

    white tea--> Malawi
    Exotic Flowers, Green, Spicy, Meadow Flowers
  3. Bai Mu Dan White Peony AA + White Tea "Piece of Cake" 2020

    white tea--> CHINA
    Creamy, Exotic Flowers, Grassy, Nutty, Spicy
  4. Silver Needle White Tea, Bai Hao Yin Zhen A 2020

    white tea--> CHINA
    Spicy, Sweet corn, Beans, Meadow Flowers
  5. Gopaldhara Darjeeling Moondrops

    white tea, oolong tea--> INDIA
    Creamy, Fruity, Spicy
  6. Rohini Jethi Kupi Early FF White Darjeeling 2021

    white tea--> INDIA
    Exotic Flowers, Green, Sweet corn
  7. Aged Bai Hao Yin Zhen vintage 2010

    white tea--> CHINA
    Fruity, Woodsy
  8. Jun Chiyabari Nepal Himalaya White BIO Organic Certified White Tea

    white tea--> NEPAL
    Spicy, Sweet corn, White Flowers, Biscuit, Buttery corn, Wild, animal, Meadow Flowers
  9. White Whisper Silver Needle white tea

    white tea--> KENYA
    Spicy, Sweet corn
  10. Ye Sheng Bai Hao, wild white tea

    white tea--> CHINA
    Exotic Flowers, Sweet corn
  11. Jasmine Yin Zhen

    white tea--> CHINA
    Spicy, White Flowers, Thirst Quenching, Meadow Flowers
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