Gong Fu Cha teawares

Shanghai School of Tea Arts

This is a picture of the School of Tea Art in Shanghai.
The Chinese government takes this ritual very seriously!
To obtain the highest certification you have to follow 3 months long 2 full days per week classes!
There is both a theory exam and a practical exam. There are three levels to complete before one becomes a certified master of the tea ceremony.
(of course you are free to perform your own ceremony) Foto: ( nice blog)

What is Gongfu Cha?
For Westerners Gongfu Cha seems unusual and time consuming, compared to their 'tradition' of teabags and big Teapots. But instead of a large teapot, Gongfu cha practitioners use a small Yixing  (a special kind of clay) teapot with barely the size of a coffee cup.
Why are these small teapots used? The answer is simple - By making repeatedly short steepings, you can enjoy an evolution of taste and aroma, provided that quality tea is used, up to eight times in a row.
Imagine a handful of tea and eight times a different taste experience!
This makes us aware that the good things in life should be enjoyed slowly.

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