Si Mao Huang Cha (gele thee) BIO

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Si Mao Huang Cha (yellow tea) BIO, from organic cultivation in Nanping, Yunnan, China. This tea is made from the tea variety from Yunnan, Da Ye (Sinensis). The dry coarsely curled shiny leaves have nice light buds. This yellow tea has a delicious floral honey-like taste, with a buttery aftertaste. The taste of yellow tea is caused by an extra processing, so it tastes less grassy and sweeter than green tea, you can classify yellow tea between green and white tea. Processing yellow tea takes more time. After the tea comes in, it is first withered before being heated to stop oxidation, which is also used in green tea processing. Yellow tea undergoes an extra step, braising, small batches of tea are wrapped in cloth and left alone to cool, this step is repeated several times so that all the aromas are absorbed by the tea each time.


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CertificationFrom controlled organic agriculture in China (non-E.U.) • Skal025811 • NL-BIO-01
FlavoursFloral, exotic flowers, Refreshing Aftertaste, Sweet, creamy, caramel, Sweet corn
Origin--> CHINA
Brewing westernWhite tea: Use 2 grams of tea and brew cool, around 70°C, allow to steep for 3-5 minutes and infuse at least 3 times.
Brewing easternUse 3 grams of tea per 100ml of water, the water temperature is between 90 and 100 ° C and short steeps of around 10 seconds. It's best to use a small teapot or gaiwan.
Cold BrewCold infusion, use 10 to 16 grams of tea per liter of cold water. Let the tea steep overnight in the fridge, 12 to 15 hours. You can vary with the proportions for example to add sparkling water afterwards.
Shelf lifeStore this product cool, dark, dry and airtight; after a year the fresh taste develops into a more mellow taste.

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