Green blooming teas

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Our Blooming Teas are hand made. The art of drying and shaping the teaballs is a delicate process, since any damage done to the leaves will start the oxidation process. Our blooming teas are made from Premium quality Silver Needle green tea harvested in early spring. The edible species used in these pieces of art are Jasmine , Globe Amaranth, Day lily, Golden Mary, Carnation, Osmanthusflower , Chrysanthemum and the Snow fungus. With an avarage weight of 7,5 grams these balls are ca. 2,5 cm in diameter. The shapes vary. All our blooming teas are airtight packed: individually and labelled. 100% Natural, so without artificial additives. One Blooming tea ball can be steeped to gain up to 2 liters of delicious tea
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