Organic black / red tea

Zwarte thee

Black tea is tea made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, like green ,white and oolong tea. Black tea is oxidized heavier than the white, green, and oolong tea, and is generally stronger in flavor. After harvesting the leaves first blanched by air is about to blow. Then the black tea made in two ways, CTC ( Crush or Cut , Tear , Curl ) or orthodox. The CTC method is used for tea of inferior quality that ends up in tea bags and mechanically processed. The orthodox method is carried out by machines or by hand. Manual processing is used for the higher grades. Although the orthodox method can vary by tea type, this type of processing results in loose tea quality often sought after by many connoisseurs. Hereinafter referred to as the leaves are oxidized under controlled temperature and humidity. Because the oxidation begins with drying, the time between these steps also a crucial factor in the quality of the tea. Then, the leaves are dried in order to stop the oxidation process. Eventually, the leaves are sorted into classes according to size, usually by seven. The tea can be further classified according to other criteria. (source wikipedia )

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