Four Seasons Oolong, Si Ji Chun

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Four Seasons, Si Ji Chun, Oolong, grade AA + from Nantou, Taiwan, autumn 2023. A slightly oxidized oolong with a floral taste and a creamy texture.

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The Four Seasons Oolong, Si Ji Chun is from Nantou, Taiwan and grows at an altitude of about 400 meters. The variety is Green Heart oolong, The tea is slightly oxidized and has a floral taste and a creamy texture. The Four Seasons oolong is a fairly young oolong, developed in the 80s. The variety was developed to grow at low altitude and to be resistant to disease. The name Four Seasons means that the oolong can be harvested at least 4-6 times a year. All in all an oolong developed with the intention to obtain the qualities of a High Mountain Oolong. The tea is golden with a floral aroma.

Easy method: Cover the bottom of a large glass half with oolong tea. Pour boiling water and after a few minutes, all the leaves have dropped to the bottom. Check the temperature, and drink. Just pour it up again during the day!

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StockPermanent collection
CertificationCertificate of Analysis
FlavoursFloral, white flowers, Woods, resinous, Green, strak
Origin--> TAIWAN
Brewing westernOolong tea: Use 2 grams of tea per cup (200ml) and brew medium to hot, around 80° to 100°C, allow to steep for 3-5 minutes and infuse at least 3 times.
Brewing easternUse 3 grams of tea per 100ml of water, the water temperature is between 90 and 100 ° C and short steeps of around 10 seconds. It's best to use a small teapot or gaiwan.
Cold BrewCold infusion, use 10 to 16 grams of tea per liter of cold water. Let the tea steep overnight in the fridge, 12 to 15 hours. You can vary with the proportions for example to add sparkling water afterwards.
PairingLight dishes, Cheese
Shelf lifeStore this product cool, dark, dry and airtight; after a year the fresh taste develops into a more mellow taste.

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